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Our Exclusive Partners

We bring in quality products from around the world that are safe and reliable for your children's play.

At Semec, we work to ensure that every project is executed professionally so that your park is expertly installed and is safe and ready for a great play experience.

Since 1976, Play & Park Structures has been a company who is about more than just play.

Play & Park Structures provides you with the resources and research to make you a child’s hero by providing a playground that builds healthy lifestyles, encourages imaginative play, and becomes a place that provides social and physical inclusion for people of all abilities on the playground.








For over 25 years, Playcraft Systems has produced the finest playground equipment in the industry. Focusing on quality and innovation, they specialize in Commercial, Schools and Park Playgrounds. Playcraft Systems' manufacturing facility is one of the most modern in the industry. From steel fabrication, to Play-Tuff™ coated steel decking, custom routed sheet plastic components to roto-molded plastic production, their world class facility is poised to deliver.

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Located in Korea, GSWeb specializes in net-based play recreation equipment. At the forefront of playground climbing structures, their products use incredibly tough and long-lasting nylon coated wire ropes with the highest steel content in the industry to ensure maximum safety for children. Designed using the same technology developed for the production and construction of bridge cables, you won’t find a better way to build brilliant net-play products.


Proludic has been designing outdoor play and sports areas for around 30 years. With a product offer encompassing more than 800 items, they aim to enhance well-being across all age ranges: young children, teens, adults and seniors. Their play equipment, sports equipment, fitness stations and outdoor furniture range are designed and manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of all users while also being adaptable to different site layouts and climate variations.

Proludic - CATALOGUE-2022_EN-NEU_CouvUK_lr 1.jpg





Grafic Games

Special Projects

Spiel Bau offers playground solutions for each specific area and different age groups. Stainless Steel, Robinia, and Douglas are the main materials that Spiel Bau uses to design its playground equipment. Most of Spiel Bau’s playgrounds are unique because they are customized to the demands of their customers, and are built to achieve a fit with the location. 

Spiel-Bau 2022_SpotOn_WEB-EN 1.jpg




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BnG Logo.png

Since its foundation in 1996, BnG has developed a wide variety of outstanding recreational and children's play facilities. With their constant progression in technology and design thinking, BnG utilizes high quality materials to create premium products that combines durability and aesthetics.

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UBX Logo.png

Urbanix Blade is the latest innovation in outdoor gym equipment. Its unique, patented hydraulic pistons offer 8 levels of resistance allowing users to control their own workout. The machines offer bi-directional movement ensuring opposing muscle groups are trained to provide a balanced, all-rounded workout. The modern, contemporary design and low visual impact will fit aesthetically into any environment.


Established in 1994, Design Park Development Co., Ltd specializes in the development of creative, innovative fitness products and children’s play equipment. Specially tailored for Asian builds, Design Park products provide a well rounded fitness workout for users of all abilities and fitness levels with high quality and ergonomically-designed outdoor fitness equipment. 



Denfit Outdoor Fitness is a Dutch brand with a wide product range of over 160 devices. For over 20 years, Denfit is known worldwide for their high quality, multifunctionality of each fitness device, durability, unique design, and customisability of products. Their equipment enables users to train heavily with adjustable weights, do gym training with body weight, do calisthenics, street workout, parkour, bootcamp training, or race on an obstacle trail. Denfit also has a special selection of products suitable for inclusive users and seniors.

denfit catalog image.png


Water Splash, Inc. is an Innovative Water Playground Equipment Manufacturer located in the United States. With a team of strong engineers and customer care group, Water Splash provides technical support needed in all stages of your project. Backed by some of the strongest product warranties in the industry and an unparalleled safety record, Water Splash is rapidly becoming the benchmark for top quality splash pad products. 


Being the global leader in Interactive Playground, Interactive Sports and Play Equipment, Yalp aims to deliver ‘a new way to play’, with play solutions that fit the increasingly digitized modern world. Having successfully developed five high technology interactive play concepts for both young and old, their products have been placed in over 200 locations worldwide and won numerous awards.

Yalp Memo

Yalp Sutu

Yalp Sona

Yalp Fono

Playnetic is a company located in the Netherlands, developing interactive play sets for the outdoor public environment. Playnetic believes that the current outdoor public environment is no longer in connection with the perception and the need for incitement of children. Therefore, Playnetic brings the interactivity known from computers, smart phones and tablets to the outdoor public environment. 



mmcite logo.png

"We value our cities and so we constantly endeavor to make them beautiful wherever they may be."

For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. Modern design and distinctive expression represent a constant standard of mmcité. Not only a supplier of high-quality street furniture, mmcité is also a partner to all those who want to create something special within public spaces. They combine the very best materials, and constantly find ways to innovate the materials. Only the best is chosen.



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